welcome to radiowise
  Radiowise Media Networks was established in 1984 as a program supplier to the Australian radio industry. Today, almost every commercial radio station in Australia relies on us to provide them with some part of their regular programming needs - ranging from comedy to financial advice to commemorations.

Radiowise is a fully independent organisation - not tied to any of the radio station networks. Therefore, we are able to place programs on all stations, even on competitive networks that would not otherwise deal with each other. Radiowise has won the Australian Radio Industry's highest achievement award - the "RAWARD" - for program excellence seven times in the past ten years.

In addition, Radiowise is Australia's only Public Relations Agency specialising in radio. We have worked with Australian websites and Agencies for the past twelve years, producing a variety of radio series which combine the relatively low cost of Public Relations and Community Service Announcements with the type of measurable exposure you'd expect from paid advertising.